Tuesday, October 6, 2015




MOVED TO: BiGilSoft.com








  1. Hi, why did you stop this fantastic project? Your launcher was the best, clean and ads-free....
    It'll be good to Resume the project

    1. The reason is simple - I had no idea that the project is good according to your opinion :)
      No one who uses the software invests a little time to let me know what he thinks. The only clue is downloads but it tells me about nothing. Perhaps most users download the software and then immediately uninstall it. And what do I gain from the story? I expected to get some donations for it. I gave something for free after all.. At the time I was working on the project, it was fine because it was fun. But now it's boring.. so I have no reason to keep working on it unless people were thinking of giving some money. I have more interesting things to do in my free time. As long as I do not get paid, I work only for myself

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