Ultra Game Launcher

Ultra Game Launcher is not just about optimizing game preformance, it also focuses on you - the gamer!
If you are a gamer, you must be familiar with the feeling of looking astonished at the clock, not understanding how the hours flew by.
UGL tackles this problem by providing you tools and features, such as setting the maximum playing time, announcing the playing time every (configurable) period of time, etc.

Ultra Game Launcher helps to deal with 3 gaming problems:
  • The game is running in low performances.
  • It seems impossible to stop playing even though you know you should. 
  • Time seems to be flying by when you're playing. 
  • Other.

Optimizing games performance:
  • Auto disable & close unnecessary system services & programs in order to free up more memory for the game.
  • Auto activate the 'high performance' power plan.
  • Give higher priority to the game process.
  • Force the game to run on all CPU cores.
  • Control playing time (see images):

Game Time Limit: Missed something important because you just HAD to finish this last part of the quest? We all sometimes skipped an important event because we just can't stop playing, even though we know we should.
If in the next hours/minutes you need to do some important activity such as study for a test, go to a meeting (Such as a date with a lady, job interview), go to work, school, bed, stop playing, then you want to ensure that you will stop playing at the right time and not continue to play.
This feature allows you to set time limit every time before you start to playing!

Say Playing Time: How many times have you played a game and lost sense of time while playing? This feature answer this problem exactly! Just decide on how often you would like to be reminded and our lovely Janet will be there to remind you...

Other useful features:
Game Emergency Key: Do you have to exit the game at the maximum speed to prevent hardware damage to the GPU? Is the game completely frozen and you do not have a normal way to close the game? This new feature was created for these cases. Just press the button (that you set before) and the game will close immediately without a problem
Actions before and after the game: Want to automate several tasks before and after the game/s? This feature allows you to automate a nearly every task, such as activate overclock profile, Enable/Disable graphics card.

Unique and user friendly design:

* Only Windows systems: Windows 7 and above (may work also on Vista but never tested).
* Fully tested on Windows 7 - 8.1 (Should work stable also on 32bit)
* May or may not work stable on Windows 10. NOT TESTED.
New version for Windows 10 has not been released yet.

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Without your donation this project is dead!
Like this project? You should donate if you want me to continue to develop it. I invested a lot a lot of time on this project without getting anything in return. Until now I did it as a hobby but now I'm tired to continue developing it. It's not fun anymore to work on it and get absolutely nothing. 
I don't want to waste my time for users who use it without giving any contribution.

By installing and using the software, you agree to the Terms of Use. If you do not agree, do not use the software!

(Last Version - v2.7)



  1. This application really clean up the mess on my desktop !!